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The Joe Thomas Interview: On Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys Reunion, and That’s Why God Made the Radio

31 May 2012 -> readability.com (andrewromano.tumblr.com)
In early May 2012, I spoke to Chicago-area producer Joe Thomas about collaborating with Brian Wilson on the Beach Boys’ reunion record, That’s Why God Made the Radio. Some of what he said appeared in my Newsweek story about the 50th anniversary extravaganza, but the vast majority didn’t. So I’m publishing the full interview transcript here on my personal Tumblr. Given that it’s the most in-depth account of the writing and recording of the new LP to date, I thought my fellow fanatics would want to read it.

What can you tell me about how this project came about and how you got involved?
 Well, I’ve worked with Brian in the past…


The Beach Boys – hear five songs from their new album

May 30 2012 ->  guardian.co.uk

Isn't It Time
Spring Vacation
The Private Life Of Bill And Sue
From Here To Back Again


Beach Boys tour with Brian Wilson launches strong in Tucson

April 25 2012 -> azcentral.com

After the show, Love said he thought it was a spectacular start to the 50th anniversary tour.

"It was special," he said of being back on stage with his old bandmates, "especially with Dennis and Carl being represented."

For Marks, who left the band in 1963, it was a very special night.

"When we get together, we revert back to the old days," he said after the show. "It's like the '60s again. We're all in disbelief. We're just so grateful that it came about and we're able to play like this after such a long period of time. I think the Beach Boys are truly blessed to be able to do this."

And although it can be hard to tell at times, that spirit seemed to carry over to their enigmatic leader. As Von Mertens said after the show, "I think vocally, Brian sounded really, really strong. And I think being with his childhood pals really kind of sparked him and inspired him to sing harder and really nail it. He was belting."

Tweets DannyZeliskoPresents about first reunion concert

Live from Tucson the first show on the beach boys tour!

24/4/2012 -> twitter.com/#!/DZPresents

Tweets 4u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents


@kugrlover Quite Sure they will! for a DVD
Als antwoord op Michael McQuain Gesprek verbergen 4u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

@kugrlover I would check out CBS Sunday Morning they will be on. a DVD of this concert will Rock!
Als antwoord op Michael McQuain Gesprek verbergen 4u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys it was a good night http://pic.twitter.com/M0btmkjd
Foto weergevenFoto verbergen4u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

It was a good night!!! http://pic.twitter.com/RPPOLfeB
Foto weergevenFoto verbergen5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Brian especially touching on this. Al and mike right there with him, david and bruce the whole band. Killed it!
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys All the guys nailed it. The band is amazing.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys One of the best songs I have ever heard come off of a stage
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Good vibrations!!!
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Also watch CBS Sunday morning they will be on. This Sunday! Lots of appearances on tv coming
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

@andrewcd88 Video won't do it justice! You have to see this show!
Als antwoord op andrew dewalt Gesprek verbergen 5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Make the kids go see what it is all about. This is not EDM!
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Do you wanna dance, fun fun fun? One of the greatest rock shows you will ever see.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Come and see this show when it hits your town! Join me in Phoenix July 7. Tickets on sale Monday at http://gcuarena.com
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys My battery is cooked. Help me Rhonda, Jardine nails it!
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Giving macca a run for the money
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Following with dance dance dance. I think I just wet my pants. 10 more songs!!!
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys California girls incredible better than the record. You HAVE to see and FEEL this!!!
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys This is not phoning it in they mean it!
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Did u ever think u would hear me say these guys are crushing it? Believe it. These guys got game.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

@brianwilsonfan Just took a picture #beachboys
Als antwoord op sucka Gesprek verbergen 5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys California Girls http://pic.twitter.com/mkJI4S3I
Foto weergevenFoto verbergen5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

@InsightMgt This rocks!
Als antwoord op InsightMgt Gesprek verbergen 5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Hit of the show!!! Has a midnight cowboy riff on there that is an amazing hook
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Wait till you hear it! Beach boys 2012!
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys They return with what I predict is a huge summer song called that's why god made the radio. An inspiring song and on the money.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys and people responsible in all important ways for making this happen
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys I am one lucky sob to be here much less involved with this great cast of characters including all of the managers
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys It is so great to see them altogether thru this magic of film and recording. All the music is live with him singing his track
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Here comes Carl wilson singing god only knows. Oh my I am one giant rush now and can barely stand it.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys What's crazier is they did this back then out of nowhere they wrote this performed and recorded it. Genius
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys It reminds me of the 60's so much I am tearing up! To know I am hearing this performed like this live in front of me is insane.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Wow! Now I am in tears. Do you know "in my room" Magic.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Wilson again shining on vocals. Love & Jardine have brought the goods as well. They are pushing each other & it Is paying off!
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys This is one of my favorites heroes and villains. Truly bizarre and stealth in its approach.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Almost religious this is, a holy concert moment
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys They turn a somber celebration with dennis into joy with brian singing spot on sail on sailor 1 of the "newer" beach boys songs.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys They are the backing vocalists for their comrade and brother. Wonderful sad and beautiful at the same time
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Here comes dennis wilson singing forever on film! They are choked up on stage like all of us are.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys They are the American Beatles. People are crying.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys The audience can't sit down!!!
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys And they slam into the song wouldn't it be nice. Phenomenal. I have goose bumps everywhere.
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Melodic flourishes with insane vocals. In 2 minutes later the story ends
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Each song has its own birth, different each time. Then a story happens that takes you everywhere .
5u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys The familiar strains of sloop john b. chills up and down. They are in such good form.
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Can't wait! I get around closes the set of 23 songs. Then intermission! 2 nd half set list is scary good!
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Brian wilson is in rare form on please wonder don't worry baby coming up followed by a set of muscle car songs
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Be true to your school resonates with everyone
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys And it continues. You gotta go yourself and live those moments.
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys This is a whole evening of magic
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys Saw it in sound check last night and it is brilliant. As of they were here.
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys I am looking at the set list and know I gonna lose it when Carl and dennis wilson join in singing on video.
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys When I grow up to be a man is flawless. I can see why ray Romano used this as his theme song for his recent hot tv series.
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys The set will be well over 2 hours with intermission
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys They hit on some of their faces too like then she kissed me. Why do falls fall in live, summertime blues done beach boys style
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

#beachboys This show is more than rolling put the hits of which there are so many
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

@beachboys And the 40+ song set is underway
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

@Beachboys Here comes surfer girl
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

@beachboys 15 musicians on stage Great video Perfect sound lots of punch
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

David marts kickin it on guitar Harmonies are flawless
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

Opens with do it again Surfing set with Catch a wave Surfin safari
6u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents

Live from Tucson the first show on the beach boys tour!
14u DannyZeliskoPresents ‏ @DZPresents


Columnated Tumblin' Domino: Tumblr is the future

Check it out ... maybe we're slowly migrating from blogger to tumblr

-> http://beachboysnews.tumblr.com

Al Jardine releases solo album as the Beach Boys begin rehearsals for summer tour

Apr 09 2012 -> sltrib.com
The five members of The Beach Boys — Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks — reunited in California this week to begin rehearsals for a tour that will stop at Provo’s LaVell Edwards Stadium to perform on July 4.

That means Jardine, 69, won’t have time to tour to promote his first solo album, "Postcards from California," which was released on April 3.

+ Beach Boys Giving Opening Day Performance at Dodger Stadium as Part of Joint 50th Anniversary Celebration

+ listen to Drivin' from Al Jardine

Good Vibrations acapella by The Kings Singers and Wilson Phillips

The Kings Singers - Good Vibrations (1993)

Wilson Phillips - Good Vibrations (2012)

As you can hear, their version is also an arrangement of the arrangement above.


Lost In The Trees - A Church That Fits Our Needs (2012 cd)

Neither Here Nor There


+ bonus Lost in the Trees "Icy River" (Take-Away Show)2011

(just 3 songs I discovered, but look for many more great tracks on YouTube!)

Al Jardine - A Postcard from California - official EPK

Between SMiLE, released last year & the latest Beach Boys reunion tour upcoming in April, Al Jardine takes his momentum*.
Sound quality is splendid!

Track List:

1.A Postcard From California
2.California Feelin'
3.Looking Down The Coast
4.Don't Fight The Sea
6.Campfire Scene
7.A California Saga
8.Help Me Rhonda
9.San Simeon
11.Honkin' Down The Highway
12.California Dreamin’
13.And I Always Will
Special Bonus Tracks:
- Waves Of Love
- Sloop John B (A Pirate’s Tale)

(* also: Wilson Phillips just released a new cd: 'Dedicated' with Beach Boys & Mamas Papas covers)


Exclusive Q&A: Original Beach Boy David Marks on the Band's Anniversary Tour

MARCH 16, 2012  -> rollingstone.com
'Brian Wilson is smiling a lot,' says Marks. 'It's like a family reunion in a way.'

+ older article North Salem's Beach Boy David Marks - Good Vibes


Probyn Gregory - Brian Wilson's Multi Instrumentalist Specialist

14 March 2012 -> musictimestwo.blogspot.com
Probyn Gregory is a Los Angeles based musician best known for being a member of Brian Wilson's band for the past 13 years. He's also an accomplished studio musician, has played in several other bands such as The Negro Problem and The Wondermints, and recently played on stage with The Beach Boys at The Grammys.

It's a pity the great article isn't available anymore


Reunited Beach Boys talk about returning to O.C.

March 9, 2012 -> trap.it (trap!t)

“The thing is, every now and then there’s a ballad which we drop in there, and that’s really cool,” Wilson says.
“ ‘Surfer Girl,’ ‘Warmth of the Sun’ – ”
“Are we doing ‘Warmth of the Sun,’ Mike?”

“I’d love to do ‘Warmth of the Sun,’ ” Love says. “And you were talking about ‘The Little Girl I Once Knew.’ ”


Stevie / My Diane

Saint Etienne - Stevie (with 'My Diane' instrumental tag) 2000

The Beach Boys - Stevie (Unreleased Brian lead vocal 1980 / produced by Dennis)

The Beach Boys - My Diane 1978 (MIU version with Dennis lead)

All music written by Brian Wilson

Stevie is about Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks, who had a two years relationship with Dennis.

My Diane is about Brian's -then- sister in law Diane Rovell. (He would divorce from Marilyn in Januari 1979)

+ The Beach Boys: An American Band (1hr 43min)


THE BEACH BOYS — SURFER GIRL: The Eternal Teenage Surfside Paradise Is Born

February 28, 2012 -> schlockmania.com
[notice David Marks in the middle]
Surfer Girl was the third album for the Beach Boys but it’s where the magic really begins for this group.

It rep­re­sents the first time that Brian Wilson was allowed to assume sole pro­duc­tion respon­si­bil­i­ties on a Beach Boys album.

Freed up to fol­low his muse, he’d quickly develop the group’s basic “surf and drag” for­mula into some­thing amazing.


Julia Nunes: How a YouTube star was born

Part one: READ

Feb 23 2012 -> music-mix.ew.com
When Julia Nunes first uploaded a video of herself singing an original song called “A Welcome Vacation” onto YouTube in January 2007, she never expected what came next.

“I put it on YouTube instead of Facebook because I wanted it be more private!” Nunes, now 23, insists. Suffice it to say, she didn’t get her wish. Over the last five years, the Rochester native has amassed 50 million video views, ...


Feb 27 2012 -> NOW STREAMING ON mashable.com
YouTube sensation Julia Nunes is gearing up to release her fourth album — this one funded with a little help from her online friends.


4/24: Brian Wilson and Beach Boys reunion tour in Tuscon

Here's Ed Masley's interview with Brian Wilson and Mike Love on the Beach Boys reunion tour and album.

 Feb. 23, 2012 -> azcentral.com

And Love likes what he's hearing.

"It's sounding really good in the studio," he says. "The tracks are pretty much done. We're still working on finishing up all the vocals, but it's sounding fantastic so far."

To Wilson's ears, "The word for this new album is mellow. It's the '60s revisited, kind of a dip back into the past, but it retains a little bit of the 2000s, too. So all in all, it's a very good album."

+ Beach Boys ready for harmonic convergence on tour, album

+ North Salem's Beach Boy David Marks - Good Vibes


The Beach Boys Pet Sounds Cover Compilation

by various artists

Released 28 January 2012

-> petsoundscovercomp.bandcamp.com

I first thought it was the same as the cd 'Do it Again: A tribute to Pet Sounds' from a few years back wich was TRUELY HORRIBLE, but this one has some cool nudgets, I believe. 

Standout tracks:
(It's my opinion, you could judge for yourself!)

5. Impaled Peach - I'm Waiting for the Day 03:13
8. Nick Strong - God Only Knows 03:03
10. The Curiously Strong Peppermints - Here Today 02:52
11. Robert Borszich - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times 03:07
13. Green Paper - Caroline, No 02:49
17. Mike LeRoy - Child Is Father of the Man 02:12
19. The Academic Thugs - Good Vibrations 04:12

A Few Words With the Beach Boys

-> February 17, 2012  
 Q. Are the songs written and just waiting to be arranged and recorded?

Wilson: Most of them have been written. We’re going to have to write a few new ones, but most of them have been written. On the album, one song flows into another and that flows into another like that, until it’s over, until there’s no more album.


Radio Veronica, KOMA, Radio VPRO jingles and interview

Going back to Holland in the 70s

-> jingleweb.nl

The Veronica jingle is by Bruce alone.

Below there is an interview with the band (februari 1972) in Holland, and also the VPRO jingle.
It's interesting that Carl mentions the new 'normal as we are', non-surf image of the group. (They didn't know yet the revival of the old hits in 1976 with the double lp Endless Summer would happen)

-> weblogs.vpro.nl

Official Do It Again and Grammy 2012 audience recording of Good Vibrations

Do It Again Mono mix

Good Vibrations live


Tour dates soon to be announced wednesday februari 15

-> thebeachboys.com

so far.... see official sites for latest updates

April 24
Tucson, AZ
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April 26
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