"I'm not even remotely as good as Brian Wilson, just to clear that up," Newman says. "But, it's something to strive towards... he made pop music that unfolded in interesting ways.
A lot of people don't know this. Animal Collective are considered a very strange band, but they sound like the Beach Boys and they sound like the Beach Boys because the Beach Boys were strange.
The Beach Boys had a combination of the strange and the beautiful that I think I strive for more than anything else, even though I don't want to sound like them.
But that quality that they have... like 'God Only Knows' is just the most strange and beautiful song and it's beautiful in not a very obvious way. I think that's the music that I love the most."
With the types of harmonies that the Beach Boys ended up utilizing, it's no surprise that the P*rnos often sport multiple vocal lines and push different members to the front of the stage to take the mic. Still, Newman remains in control.

(2009 Feb 20 / David Missio)
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