MERRIMAC — This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, and while some locals were fortunate enough to have seen the revolutionary rock festival, it would have sounded a lot different were it not for Merrimac's Bill Hanley.


400,000 - Estimated number of people who attended Woodstock festival. Only 60,000 were expected to attend.

315,000 - Feet of film shot for Woodstock film (120 hours).

7,500 - Paid (in dollars) for The Grateful Dead to perform.

6,000 - Number of patients treated during festival.

2,366 - Population of Bethel in August, 1969. Bethel is the town where the concert was performed.

1,300 - Pounds of canned food, sandwiches and fruit flown in by emergency helicopters.

450 - Cows unfenced for three days by campers.

51 - Number of caldrons of rice-carrot-raisin combo made at Hog Farm Free Kitchen by 3 a.m. Sunday, August 17.

50 - Number of additional doctors flown in from New York City on Aug. 16

31 - Number of acts that performed on main stage.

15 - Average miles walked by festival-goers after leaving their cars due to extreme traffic conditions.

10 - Number of shots fired in air by farmer fed up with noise.

3 - Number of deaths. (Heroin overdose, ruptured appendix and being run over by a tractor).

2009 aug 11 Liz King

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