Al Jardine talks about SMiLE (also in 2000)

July 28, 2000 Goldmine -> smilealbum.tripod.com
Al: In fact, “Heroes And Villains” at the start, was one of the first things we ever did, really early on, even before we recorded “Surfin'”; We were working on that song way back in '61. We all became instruments for Brian's barber shop concept. He said, “Let's all do this, let's sing this idea.” Carl would be one instrument, I'd be another. Mike would be another instrument.

Question: So the idea of “Heroes And Villains” was born back in 61.

Al: Yeah, the idea, not the song. We started singing a capella first because we didn't play instruments. With none of us really being players, we would just scat in the car going to a show or something or going to school, anywhere.

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