Brian Wilson interviewed by Jamake Highwater – Jan 11th, 1968

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 Brian Wilson QUOTE (starting from 12m40s):

You know our original (force?) was vocal, of course.

And then, from there, I began to learn the art of production and the art of making background music, which became kind of settling around in 1964 and all of the sudden I found my self in the studio taking hours and hours just going through, you know, track experiences, you know, and all of the sudden the two (things?) you know came together, the vocal and the track and all, and all of the sudden I began to realise that it was all just one art, it was all one thing you know?

And I didn't seperate voices and instruments anymore, and I no longer thought of, well, track and vocals, it was just one thing, you know, and now, god it's come so far, I don't know what to say about it, you know?, I don't know where it's come to, with me, musically, in fact I think I've run out of ideas, believe it or not.

He also stated somewhere in the interview that religion should be substituted by meditation. "Meditation is the new religion"

Brian mentions Nelson Riddle as a great arranger, and his own arranging skills are full realised on Pet Sounds.

Wiki-Info about the interviewer: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamake_Highwater

Note: the interview is from Jan 11th, 1968, the photo must be somewhere between summer 1969 and summer 1970, the period of time when Brian was owner of the Radian Radish shop.

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