Beach Boys tour with Brian Wilson launches strong in Tucson

April 25 2012 -> azcentral.com

After the show, Love said he thought it was a spectacular start to the 50th anniversary tour.

"It was special," he said of being back on stage with his old bandmates, "especially with Dennis and Carl being represented."

For Marks, who left the band in 1963, it was a very special night.

"When we get together, we revert back to the old days," he said after the show. "It's like the '60s again. We're all in disbelief. We're just so grateful that it came about and we're able to play like this after such a long period of time. I think the Beach Boys are truly blessed to be able to do this."

And although it can be hard to tell at times, that spirit seemed to carry over to their enigmatic leader. As Von Mertens said after the show, "I think vocally, Brian sounded really, really strong. And I think being with his childhood pals really kind of sparked him and inspired him to sing harder and really nail it. He was belting."

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