The Joe Thomas Interview: On Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys Reunion, and That’s Why God Made the Radio

31 May 2012 -> readability.com (andrewromano.tumblr.com)
In early May 2012, I spoke to Chicago-area producer Joe Thomas about collaborating with Brian Wilson on the Beach Boys’ reunion record, That’s Why God Made the Radio. Some of what he said appeared in my Newsweek story about the 50th anniversary extravaganza, but the vast majority didn’t. So I’m publishing the full interview transcript here on my personal Tumblr. Given that it’s the most in-depth account of the writing and recording of the new LP to date, I thought my fellow fanatics would want to read it.

What can you tell me about how this project came about and how you got involved?
 Well, I’ve worked with Brian in the past…

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