Brian Wilson tribute


These are songs I want to hear
Cool, Cool water, country air
Let’s go away for awhile
And come back with a SMiLE

Back home I used to get around
But now it’s time to get alone
Sometimes I sit here in my room
At my window in the glow
from the surfer moon

Don’t worry, baby, rainbow eyes
Our sweet love, wouldn’t it be nice?
To add some music to you day
Don’t talk, oh darling, it’s OK

And then your dreams come true
Aren’t you glad their meant for you?
The surf’s up and you are here today
So let us go on this way,
darlin’, we’ll melt away

So with my simple songs
I barely reach you to your toes
I wish I had your ears but not your fears
I have a simple life to live,
But there are lots of worries still
But with the sounds you have given
I really feel like livin’
Who’d thought the power of a
song could be so strong.

Good Vibrations, fun, fun, fun
In the warmth of the sun
Happy days passing by
Please let me wonder till I die

Your imagination running wild
But In the back of my mind
I wasn’t made for these times?
But still lingering behind
Is my a-tinklin’ wind chimes

(Lars Engen)


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