Raymond Scott - Manhattan Research, Inc. (1/7)

reissued by Basta Records 2000


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Trader Joe's Cafe said...

is this connected to The Beach Boys??

Aumbop said...

Via via many music is connected.

Who was Raymond Scott?: http://raymondscott.com/AmLgnd.html

FIRST He was surely an electronic music inventor and pioneer like others who developped the moog, theremin or the mellotron, who were used by groups like the Beatles and the Beach Boys.

SECOND He also wrote accoustic music that sounded like jazz and other popular styles, but with little connection to (jazz-)improvisation: almost every note was arranged or composed, even if some things were not written, but dicided 'on the spot' by the composer.

In a similar way like Brian Wilson, he just sung or played the melodies on piano, one by one, for all the musicians, and in this way build an arrangement. (or his own compositions).

Beach Boys connection? Think Good Vibrations, Trombone Dixie, SMiLE, Love You etc