ALBANY – Brian Wilson – arguably the single most important architect of the American pop music sound of the past 50 years – lumbered out onto the stage of The Egg on Tuesday night, settled in behind his keyboard and his incredible 10-piece and launched into … “The Monster Mash”? Really. “The Monster Mash”?

If you need any more proof that Wilson still lives in his own little world, there it was: A week and a half after Halloween, he’s opening with “The Monster Mash.”
As the mastermind behind the Beach Boys’ heavenly harmonies and soaring melodies back in the ’60s, Wilson was a bona fide pioneer, an innovator whose pervasive influence continues to resonate throughout the world of pop music today.
It is not an exaggeration to say that any contemporary pop musician who denies Wilson’s influence is either ignorant or lying.

(review) November 11, 2009 GREG HAYMES

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