After Pet Sounds Brian Wilson became the mad genius of the Beach Boys, a prodigy who had miraculously emerged out of the surf and car culture of southern California.
He was an American kind of prodigy, a tinkerer and visionary like Edison, someone who could spin magic out of thin, sweetened air.

2002 june David Dalton

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The ALF said...

There's a line in Victor Herbert's "Toyland" that points to this, "Once you leave it's borders you can never return again." Never, my friend.
I was a big fan of the group as a child but when I first heard Pet sounds, under the christmas tree, I broke out in tears. It was like seeing a sign saying "Toyland -closed forever"
The trip is entertainers give us fantasy worlds, Brian never suggested he actually did the things he sang about. Even more mundane, because it's been said so many times, entertainers often have no real friends, or people they can relate to, so they try to relate to the world, but it's always a let down.
Brian tried to bring some sense to his family and to some degree he did, but no one can erase what has happened. The flaw in the audience is the belief that art or love even, can transport them out of their own lives - but it can't happen, only God has that power and God ain't saying much