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RT @matthickey What a fantastic troll this was. As an old-schooler, I'm impressed to hell.

This is my final final final tweet as Phil. Apologies if I caused any offence to anyone at any time. It was never intended. Bye everyone.

I copied many of Phil's quotes and I made up half of them. I even fooled many media outlets. It was fun but I feel it has ran it's course.

People asking my opinion of American Idol. It's a total insult to music. Not my thing.

Ah the Fairfax days... that's where I met Sandy Nelson, Bruce Johnson and Lou Adler.

New artists always fear failure when in fact they should be afraid of success. That shit fucks you up.

Only when you are happy are you truly free.

@gymrachel Musically, Ike was by far the greater of the Turners.


+ http://www.01net.com/editorial/502894/non-phil-spector-ne-twittait-pas-de-sa-prison/

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