Exclusive Download: Brian Wilson Covers Buddy Holly (& listen to the cd)

August 19, 2011 -> RollingStone.com
Brian Wilson's interpretation of Buddy Holly's classic song "Listen to Me" is a gorgeous merger of Holly's simple, direct melodic phrasing and Wilson's distinct arrangement and production style.

+ Update: Listen to the whole cd online


A Little Affair said...


My name is Ben, and I play guitar and sing for A Little Affair. I recently
just posted a cover of Beach Boys "Don't Worry Baby" up on YouTube and was
wondering if there would be anyway to get it on to your blog.

I know it sounds like a wild request, but I think that it is a really
funny video that people would like to see.

link to vid:

or just go to our website and it'll be at the top of the page:

Let me know if you're interested.

Thanks again,

Ben Hughes
A Little Affair

Aumbop said...

I´ve put it up already (I´ve read your request today). Good solid version!