Not The Little Boy I Once Knew

Source: http://www.tinhouse.com/mag/back_issues/archive/issues/issue_10/feature.html

Not The Little Boy I Once Knew
.....Innocence and Experience in the Music of Brian Wilson
Or When Good Vibrations Go Bad.....
By Andrew Hultkrans

"Hello, Mr. Wilson . . ."

Sometime in the spring of 1967, Brian Wilson, the pop wunderkind behind the music of the Beach Boys, heard these words as he wandered into a screening of the John Frankenheimer film Seconds. He was, at the time, sporadically working on what was to become the most legendary unreleased album in rock history, originally titled Dumb Angel but later called Smile, and he was losing his mind. According to a friend who was at Wilson's house when he returned from the movie theater, Seconds had a profound effect on the young composer.


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