Various books about the Beach Boys

'Back To The Beach', Kingsley Abbott, Helter Skelter UK, 2nd edition

'Pet Sounds', Kingsley Abbott, id.

'You Still Believe In Me', Charles Granata, also about Pet Sounds

'The BBs And The California Myth', David Leaf, 1985 (2nd hand and expensive)

'The Nearest Faraway Place', Timothy White, Henry Holt USA, 2nd hand very cheap, mucho facts as background info

'Wouldn't It Be Nice', Brian Wilson, autobio with Todd Gold, an alleged autobio BTW, cobbled together but still indispensable

'Heroes And Villains', Steven Gaines, USA, sensationalist but indispensable, and one of the sources for the above autobio

'Look! Listen! Vibrate! Smile', Domenic Priore, A4 format exhaustive press cuttings-cum-research tome on SMiLE

'SMiLE', Domenic Priore, 2005, the story of SMiLE, hotly debated here but necessary

'The BBs On Record' by Andrew G. Doe, very handy and worthwhile

'The Beach Boys', Byron Preiss, reasonable in pruned form, essential in the original Ballantine deluxe photo+art format

'Surf's Up', Brad Elliott, THE vinyl discography of them all

'Dennis Wilson, The Real Beach Boy', Jon Stebbins, very good book on Denny's music and antics

SOURCE: SmileShop Msg by Prof. Souris P.-Flogiston 2004?

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